Providential Relationships Questions:

Why I love relationships

I think God has always used other people in my life so that I can know Him better.  I can sit across from someone, and see God working in their life so clearly.  As they talk about a difficult situations, or doubts, or why God would allow something to happen in their life….I can look at them and have no question as to God being a part of their life.  And that God has a purpose, and He is not silent, or angry, or disinterested.  As I communicate that to the person, I believe it fully.  So, when I look at my own life, why is it so hard to believe that it is the same God?  That when I’m confused, or questioning of what He is doing…why can I not see the same God that is in another person’s life?  He is the same God, unchanging.  I look at my circumstances, or what I’m feeling, and I start to form what I think God based on those.  So I have to have these people in my life – I have  to have this perspective of a loving God that I see in another person’s life.  Because my own doubts, insecurities and weak faith keep me from seeing Him fully.